A team of explorers

This is us. 

We may be different, but we’re so alike. Because we’re all driven by a desire to do something different, better and worth taking risks for.

Every one of us wants to change the system in one way or another, because we have a clear vision of what we’re trying to replace it with.

Andrei Luchian

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Jalbă

eCommerce Manager

Dan Virgolici

IT Coordinator

Victor Banu

Test Manager

Ionuț Turcu

QA Specialist

Bianca Iftime

Product Content Editor

Mihai Vezeanu

Content Delivery Manager

Bassam Assoum

Middle Back End Developer

Lavinia Tonghioiu

Human Resources Coordinator

Alexandra Tăleanu

Junior Human Resources

Mihai Diaconescu

Business Unit Manager

Ioana Stroe

Project Officer

Victor Turcanu

Warehouse Operational Coordinator

Iulia Ghecea

Senior UX/UI Designer