Alfa TMS

Explorado is a part of International Alexander Holding, one of Romania’s largest transport and logistics companies. That means all our projects rely on the smooth operation of their processes. But a successful company like IAH, with over 18 years of history, has a lot of processes that are not digital. Yet.

Our idea

Digital transformation can only go so far when you’re talking about transporting something from A to B. But if it can be done through a computer, we’re already on it.

We’re building a Transport Management System (TMS) which takes each component of the transport logistics process inside the digital realm.

Thanks to Marcin Jozwiak @Unsplash

How we innovate

When you take a close look at logistics systems and flows that have been in place for centuries, you have to see beyond things that can or can’t be digitalised. For us, transforming the system means we remove useless processes entirely, we merge flows that seemed unrelated on paper, we invent new systems to fit the big picture needs and we make sure that migration is easy for everyone involved.

  • Minimal paper trail approach
  • Frictionless implementation and data migration
  • Deep focus on real user feedback
  • Fully modular architecture
  • AI & ML optimised processes
  • Designed familiarity through smooth iteration

A glimpse into the future

A fully digitalised transport system is not a question of “if”, but a question of “when”.

We believe that the future of transport will be built on the foundations we are developing today. No autonomous technology can be “self” anything if the real-world logistics never move away from hand-signing documents or manually assigning drivers and vehicles.

Today we’re building with