Our values

We do things differently. Not for the sake of it, but because we believe that when people have the power to do things their own way, the values that arise are truer and have the power to define a true revolution.

This is our manifesto. These are the thoughts that drive us. These are the values that we embrace. And who knows? Maybe you’ll embrace them too. 

Exploration is life

Find the beauty of exploring on your own.

Our vision is to change the way people shop online by making it a journey worth taking and exploring, through an entertaining and fun experience.

We believe that even if sometimes people do not know what they are looking for, they can discover more by exploring, whether online or offline.

By doing less out of habit and more by our intents, our natural human behavior can help us discover new and unexpected things by looking into the unknown. This is why we believe exploration is life.

The user controls the experience

Rethinking the way we interact

Explorado is building an ecosystem for eCommerce that will let users interact in many ways with the platform by adapting itself to their natural behaviour, whether they know what to search for or not.

Artificial intelligence supporting the knowledge of the products and services making their life easier, coupled with a user experience centered on exploration, will lead to an eCommerce evolutionary system where users have control of their online environment.

Belonging is fundamental

We act as one

The sense of belonging is fundamental to human history. When we belong, we thrive. When we don’t, we explore, expand and improve until we do.

This is why here at Explorado, we embrace an open and supportive culture where everyone is in the same boat. Not just our team, but our users as well. We never leave anyone behind.

This sense of belonging is what allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And that’s what brings us comfort.