Explorers never get lost

We’re a product driven tech company on a journey to revolutionize the eCommerce landscape through a unified vision that’s in-sync with the natural human behaviors of exploration, discovery and adventure.

Who we are

A journey is never made alone

Explorado is the latest initiative of International Alexander Holding, one of Romania’s leading companies in the transportation, logistics and warehouse industry, with almost 20 years of performance on the market.

With a rock solid background in providing complex logistics and transportation services to customers in the automotive and tech industries, together we have the strength and the will to change eCommerce for the better.

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What we're building

An experience that gives back control

We’re building a software ecosystem as a foundation for our vision of modern eCommerce.

From customer platforms and services, to back end logistics and everything in-between, we’re making sure we deliver a consistent, integrated and future-proof experience that puts the user in control.

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Why we’re building it

Tradition cannot harbor innovation

We believe that the online shopping experience is due for a revolution.
The eCommerce status-quo seems to be focused on optimizing old approaches that lack a human element, focusing on user habit, not user intent.
Our revolution starts by building a human centric experience from the ground up, focusing on a journey that nurtures exploration, entertaintment and curiosity.

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Where the magic happens

A place where bright minds push boundaries

It’s pretty clear now that location doesn’t matter. But the chemistry and camaraderie of a great team need to be nurtured by social interactions.

Regardless if we are working from the comfort of our houses, our awesome offices in Bucharest’s Old Town, or our regional locations, we are all building towards the same goal.

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